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Birth Time FAQ

Birth Time

If you do not know your birth time, I can still help you with my astrology services.   However, the information, advice and therapy I can provide may be limited in its accuracy as a result of not knowing your birth time.

The accuracy of your birth time is also important.   On average, for each 4 minutes of error in your birth time:

  • your astrocartography map lines will be wrong by ~50 miles distance
  • your Ascendant and Midheaven (MC) will be wrong by ~1
  • your forecasts will be wrong by ~1 day

If you were born in the US, you can obtain your birth time from your birth certificate.  Hospitals have been required by law to record the time of birth since 1902.  Contact your home Town/City Hall, Bureau of Vital Statistics (or Bureau of Births/Deaths)  to obtain a copy of your birth certificate.   You must specifically request your birth TIME be listed on the copy of the certificate, otherwise it may not be included.

If you already have a birth certificate WITHOUT the time, you MAY be able to "sweet talk" someone at your home Town Hall into telling you JUST your time (plus AM or PM) immediately over the phone, but don't count on it. (Town halls have been sued by bio-parents for letting adopted kids search to find bio-parents.)

See also Daylight Saving Time, War Time and Time Zones

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