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3-Dimensional Chart Calculator

Now you can finally see your astrology chart undistorted by flat 2-D displays.   StarWise 3-D astrology lets you understand yourself and your life much better than all other methods.   One flat chart falsely shows your true planet positions--just like flat maps do to our 3-D earth's true shape.   Our 3-D astrology accurately shows the true 3-D layout of your planets in your chart (forecast, etc.) as they really are in our actual 3-D universe--not squashed into some misleading, incorrect shape.

Dr. Byers' Astrology Books


The only way to see the true 3-D layout of your planets is to view your chart (...etc.) from two key perspectives (ecliptic + right ascension).   As any scientist or engineer knows, this is the same correct way 3-D objects are always shown--using two or more views like top/front/side.   The only better way would be a holographic display--yet to be invented.

You may have seen your chart (forecast...) from the standard single viewpoint--ecliptic.   Now this new and exciting second viewpoint--right ascension--finally reveals all of who you really are.   Both viewpoints are correct, just like front/top/side views of any 3-D object.   The combined meaning of both views of your chart (forecast, etc.) reveals all of you, total reality versus just half the picture.

3-D astrology looks at your life with both eyes open, not half-blind like the "one-eye closed" (ecliptic) approach currently in use everywhere else.   3-D astrology offers you the best insight and knowledge possible about yourself and life.   You can use this new, more accurate information to make better decisions and thus grow more successful and happy.

To learn how 3-D astrology can help you succeed and enjoy life more, see my free and exciting ebooks. You can also quickly see the 3-D difference with Celebrity examples

StarWise also offers you both Natal and Relocated astrology in full 3-D reality.   Your natal chart (forecast, etc.) reveals your inner potential (like your genes do).   Your relocated chart (etc.) updates that information to now reveal how your current location (your present environment) affects you.

Relocated astrology is much more informative and accurate--especially if you have moved some distance from your birthplace.   StarWise always uses your relocated astrology information to best understand your present/future opportunities and resources in a given location. This helps you maximize your decisions about career, love, college, health, retirement, vacations, etc.

3-D Natal & Relocated Charts are now located on our 
Astrocartography Info Website... Enjoy

3-D Chart Calculator is powered by Walter D. Pullen's great Astrolog program.   He generously offers a free copy of Astrolog for use on your own computer--download his free software at:

Duplicate the charts you see here... Download my version of (Right Click the above link and Save Link as) to use with Walter's program on your PC. Don't forget to rename it to where you store the Astrolog Program.

Now Available!
Free ebook on 3-D and Relocated Astrology
Now your chart, forecast, etc. finally make perfect sense!   My free ebook reveals amazing new 3-D information to help you improve your job, relationships, health, family, etc.   Learn the juicy, delightful true facts about your life from your 3-D horoscope.   StarWise offers many other wonderful ebooks to help you with happiness, love relationships, career, health, college, retirement, etc.

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