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StarWise Credentials, Experience and History

StarWise Astrology Services has provided confidential astrology consulting and counseling to thousands of clients on a wide range of personal, business and family issues since 1975.

StarWise's success in helping so many people improve their lives is due in large part to the use of advanced astrology and astrocartography software programs, including a unique 3-D astrology analysis and forecast system, developed exclusively for StarWise by its founder, Stephen Byers.

Stephen Byers History


Dr. Stephen Byers


A "life-long student" and graduate of several famous universities, Stephen has spent many years researching and developing scientific tools to benefit StarWise clientele.   His 3-D astrology and counseling techniques provide more accurate and useful information than is currently available to other astrologers using conventional resources.   Stephen already has 14 U.S. and international patent claims protecting his astrology and astrocartography software inventions.

StarWise's unique services have successfully empowered people from all walks of life.   Clients say that StarWise's clear, useful and precise astrology insights and forecasts are the key to a better life.   The most popular services are:

  • Personal astrology consultation
  • Natal horoscope "reading"
  • Love Relationship Astrology Consultation
  • Personal astrology forecast
  • Astrocartography relocation
  • Consultation on family relationships
  • Business and career consultation
  • Astrocartography ("local space Treasure Map") for maximizing local opportunities
  • Personal healing counseling to overcome emotional habits limiting your success and happiness
  • Investment advice

Stephen brings the experience, training and dedication to insure that you get the best astrology services available in the world. Stephen is a graduate of Yale University (B.S., 1971), Cologne (Köln) University (A.B. auf Deutsch, 1970) in Germany, and the Mayo School of Astrology, also known as the Faculty of Astrological Studies, now back in London, England again (DFAS, 1975, co-grad).   Like the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation, and Alois Trendl, the famous Swiss astrologer, Stephen began his undergraduate studies intending to become a nuclear physicist.   And like Walter Deming, world quality assurance "guru," he ended up graduating Yale in the field of Administrative Sciences, which combines human behavioral psychology with technical engineering and applied sciences.

Stephen's counseling and healing practice is based on the positive, effective psychology of Drs. Adler and Dreikurs (see Encouraging the Best Adult Behavior.pdf and Encouraging the Best Child Behavior.pdf).   He trained as a Dreikurs family counselor for 9 years.   His remarkable, pioneering therapeutic healing techniques help clients quickly overcome and heal emotional habits which blocks their maximum success and happiness.   Fluent in Nederlands, Deutsch, y un poco espańol, he has discussed astrology and life in numerous radio, television, print media and lecture appearances in the Americas and Europe.

Stephen has considerable experience in the international corporate business world: 

  • In one job he had, his team of 16 employees increased after-tax profits by 850%, improved customer satisfaction enormously and reduced delivery time from "unknown" to under 48 hours without requiring additional resources.   He re-organized his company operations without laying off any employees, by carefully re-assigning unneeded people to more productive and better positions within the company.   He accomplished all this while the rest of the $100MM company suffered from a drop in sales volume, reduced profits and 10% employee cutbacks.
  • He established several international annual conferences, which still occur today, benefiting customers, end-users and the general public.
In his personal life, he is the very fortunate father of his wonderful son, Gregory.   He considers "Conversations with God" and "From Onions to Pearls" to be the latest key spiritual influences on his life so far.   He is an accomplished athlete--semi-qualifying for the Olympic gymnastics team in 1969.
Greg & Stephen
Since 1997, he is a hopelessly addicted performer and teacher of tango, salsa, and swing dancing.   He has been a contented vegetarian, avid gardener, wood-craftsman and volunteer-contributor to numerous local community service efforts in his "spare" time.

In 1991, Stephen established StarWise Communications, Inc., to better help more people with love, work, family and other personal and business issues.

Stephen brings this vast knowledge of the heart, mind, body and soul to help StarWise clients all over the world.   See Products for more detailed information.   In keeping with Stephen's dedication to ethical conduct, all the products and services available from this web site are guaranteed.

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