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Personal Telephone Consultation

Stephen is presently unable to provide this service to clients. He hopes to be able to restart services in 2023.

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.


Astrology, Relationship and
Astrocartography "Readings"

My discovery of 3-dimensional astrology and astrocartography, along with my very unique training and experiences have taught me how to help you to improve your job, relationships, and happiness.   This special knowledge wisdom is what I can share with you.

Stephen Byers Astrologer Counselor
John Harrison Says:

"I always say "thank you" when I get to work with you, but I really mean "THANK YOU!!!"   I can't tell you the number of times... Read More...*

I am idealistic and enjoy helping people grow--something that is obvious if you consider my own background.   Many of my new clients come through referrals from satisfied clients who give personal testimonials as to the value of my highly specialized services.  After all, who knows better than our happy clients just how StarWise information, advice and healing techniques can help you...

Jomi Trotter says:

"I met Stephen at a time when major life decisions were confronting me. I'm lucky that wonderful people pop up in my life when I need them. His expertise as an Astro-Carto-Graphist is greatly enhanced by his ability to translate charts into "plain English" and to counsel his clients as well..  Read More...*

Jomi Trotter --- Personal Consultation

Relationship Issues
I can advise you what, where, when and how to enjoy your life more than ever before, more than you may have dreamed possible:

  • Improve your love life...
  • Enjoy more happiness...
  • Have a better job...
  • Move or change careers wisely...
  • Improve your health...
  • Meet that special someone...
  • Great investment advice...
  • Learn where your "paradise" is...
  • Bring out the best in your children...
  • Resolve past (childhood) issues...

Jean Hallagan says:

"If you want an astrologer who you can depend on completely, who takes the time to understand your life, who helps you enjoy more success and happiness, look no further than Stephen Byers.  More...*

I've already helped create immense prosperity, happiness, fulfillment and accomplishment for many hundreds of clients.  You may wish to read my free eBook "Finding Paradise." 

* These are individual results which may vary from person to person.

Obviously, the benefits of your own StarWise service(s) may
NOT be exactly identical to the testimonials above—you may
enjoy more, less or similar results.

StarWise provides all clients with clear, effective recommendations
on how you can help maximize the intended benefits of your StarWise
guidance. StarWise is committed to helping you as much as possible.

We hope and expect you to do the same--to vigorously help yourself
grow, prosper and savor every moment of your precious life. The more
this happens, the more you will benefit from and appreciate our
collaborative teamwork!

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