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For the last 30+ years I have helped people like you achieve their personal goals and beyond.   Now you can find out what I know and how you too can enjoy success and happiness.   My new ebooks reveal, for the first time ever, the secret techniques that have made me and my personal clients so fortunate and successful.

Get started on your own journey to enjoy more happiness and accomplishment now!   Download the first ebook of the series, Finding Paradise, absolutely free.   You can download sample chapters of each ebook for your consideration and enjoyment before deciding to purchase the full edition of the ebook.  Just click on the links below to find your own Paradise.

Finding Paradise, Your Right Horoscope, Picturing Paradise, Selecting Paradise, A Philosophy of Paradise

Dr. Byers' Astrology Books


Free Guide to Finding Paradise

Discover exactly where your own personal paradise is!   This amazing free ebook explains how to pinpoint your unique "opportunity spots" both in your current location and anywhere else in the world.

This hot new ebook details the process I use to guide my personal clients to achieve their maximum goals in life.   Learn where to go to find the perfect opportunities, people and resources you need to achieve your dreams and ambitions.   A must read for anyone seeking to enjoy life to the fullest extent possible.

Free Download Finding Paradise Free

Finding Paradise.pdf
Finding Paradise --- How 3-D Astrology Locates Your Paradise

Robin Jopnes Says:

"I downloaded your "Finding Paradise" e-book and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your work.  It is so brilliant and makes so much sense.  I decided to write you and congratulate you on all the great work you are contributing to this science and this art.

Most therapists are always saying, "where ever you go, there you are," which actually discourages people from making "geographic" improvements.  But having lived, worked and/or studied on 4 continents, I can attest that I was very different and my opportunities different in every place I went.  So I'm all for moving when its the right thing to do.  I'm grateful you have developed tools and techniques to ensure the best relocation choices for the best results."

Robyn Jopnes*


Your Right Horoscope ---
    Your Natal Chart in 3-D

This mind-blowing ebook breaks all the (unnecessary) rules and pushes astrology into the 21st century.   If you have ever disagreed with the standard astrology interpretations of your chart, you are not alone.   Most people already realize that the classic reading of their natal chart or forecast doesn't fit them 100% perfectly at all.   Download sample chapters of this revolutionary ebook absolutely free!


Sample ebook
Your Right Horoscope --- Seeing Your Chart in 3-D


Picturing Paradise

This nifty ebook helps you quickly judge the positive and negative consequences of relocating to anywhere on earth--concisely and accurately.  This book describes the entire process of evaluating any planed move.  Armed with the knowledge of all 120 combinations of meanings for planets, houses and signs you will be able to judge what life holds in your new location.   Download sample chapters of this great ebook absolutely free!


Sample ebook
Picturing Paradise --- Astrocartography Relocation Ratings


Selecting Paradise

This is the companion ebook to "Picturing Paradise."   In this insightful ebook I rate the quality of your planets in the different signs (versus houses like "Picturing Paradise).   This information is essential to finding Paradise (by relocating) and also to helping you choose the right moment to do any important action, such as getting married, applying for a job, buying a house, relocating, having an operation, investing money, etc.   Download sample chapters of this exciting ebook absolutely free!


Sample ebook
Selecting Paradise --- Rating the Planets in Signs


A Philosophy of Paradise

This is my own personal philosophy and approach to life.   In this spiritual and irreverent ebook, I explain my not-so-secret tricks to finding and enjoying happiness and success--in a word, paradise.   Download sample chapters of this tender yet humorous ebook absolutely free!

Learn The Art of Happiness

This playful, meditative ebook is the result of the "gifts"--some sweet and some bitter--bestowed upon me by the thousands of fellow human beings I have met in my private astrology practice.   These experiences have taught me the art of happiness in each and every moment/place/thought of your life.  Explore my 12 part philosophy of life...
Sample ebook
A Philosophy of Paradise

"Page after page, Stephen's ebook, Philosophy of Paradise gave me cause to smile and chuckle.  His writing weaves a fantastic subliminal web that informs our knowing at a profound level.  The book is educated, insightful, and fun!" *


Dijana Winter


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