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Free Pre-Consultation Discussion
StarWise Relationship Astrology and
Astrocartography Relocation Services

Please give me the opportunity to quickly and personally tell you:

  •  How I can help you improve your life
  •  The estimated cost of my help
  •  The specific services I recommend for you
  •  The time frame for helping you
Call or Email Anytime
You can call my office ANY TIME at 213-227-9121 to arrange a free pre-consultation discussion without obligation.   Please describe in detail your situation and goals and tell me the best times to return your call.   You can also complete this form below to arrange a free pre-consultation discussion without obligation.   My email address is: GetHelp at NOTE: replace at with @ in the email address above

You must be at least 18 years of age to receive this service.

StarWise does NOT sell, rent use, keep or give away any personal information you enter here (see our privacy policy).

Free Pre-Consultation Discussion
During your free pre-consultation discussion I will tell you how I can help you enjoy more love in your relationships, and prosperity in your job and business dealings.   Please ask whatever questions will help you reach a positive decision.

StarWise astrology services range from $60 up, based on how much consultation time you wish.

The most popular services are the "Paradise" Relocation Consultation, the Relationship Consultation, and the Personal/Business Consultation.   Any and all issues can be discussed during your consultation.

A special $180 introductory package is offered to new clients consisting of the advance preparation work and 30 minutes of telephone consultation (on relocation, love, work...).   Subsequent consultations (by email or phone) cost only $ 80 / 20 minutes.  The minimum order time is 25 minutes for your first live consultation; 20 minutes for subsequent live consultations; and 15 minutes for Audio Reports and Email answers.

Make Your Appointment Now
Once you are ready for your personal consultation, you can quickly and easily schedule an appointment by emailing

StarWise will email you a Preparation Questionnaire to complete before your consultation.  Please pay the preparation fee in advance of your consultation by credit card at: "," or Paypal, or check (1-2 week delay)

We will arrange a mutually convenient time for me to call you for your consultation.

Your Personal Consultation
Before your consultation I do an in-depth analysis of your past history including key events, locations and dates in your life based on your reply to the Preparation Questionnaire.

Using this information plus your unique 3-D horoscopes, forecasts, and astrocartography maps as needed, I will answer your questions and provide you with information, advice and counseling as your time permits.  If you are relocating, I will pinpoint the best location(s) for you to achieve your goals.  All my astrology documentation (charts, maps, etc.) are sent to you via email for your records.  Together we formulate an action game plan and schedule for your maximum success.

I will also recommend the best time(s) to achieve your goals, such as investigating a potential new location and to actually move there.  A comprehensive discussion of the pro's and con's of your possible actions (your game plan choices) is provided.  If you are relocating, I compare your current location to other places you have lived.  Finally, an overall score (F- to A+) is provided for easy comparison.

I record your consultation and email you a copy of the recorded session at no charge.

Your consultation is a two-way discussion, without any use of astrology "shop talk."  Key matters are discussed gently, clearly, deeply, and optimistically to empower you to succeed and improve your life.


StarWise Astrology Services
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