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Relocating With Astrocartography

Able to Move...

I work with you to identify one or more new locations which will maximize your current personal, family or career goals.   In addition to pinpointing "Paradise" for you, I detail the ideal times to be there.   I advise individuals, couples, families, businesses and corporations.

Your Astrocartography Relocation Consultation is hand-tailored for just you (and your mate/family).   I personally analyze your "3-D" natal charts, astrocartography maps, relocated natal charts and your total forecast to select areas that maximize your upcoming opportunities to achieve the goal(s) you define.   I explain all the steps I take in this complex process in my free and sample eBooks.

Astrocartography Relocation Consultation Process:

When you complete the inquiry form, I will send you a questionnaire to help you clearly explain your situation and goals.  This first step is critical, providing information confirming the events in your life and your specific goals.  This step enables an accurate understanding and speeds the consultation process greatly.  When you complete and return the questionnaire to me, I work to refine my initial conclusions and recommendations before calling you.

Using this information plus your unique 3-D horoscopes, forecasts, and astrocartography maps, I will answer your questions and provide you with information and advice as needed.  If you are relocating, then I will pinpoint the best location(s)* for you to achieve your goals.  All my astrology documentation (charts, maps, etc.) are sent to you via email for your records.  Together we formulate an action game plan and schedule for your maximum success.

I will also recommend the best time(s) to achieve your goals, such as investigating a potential new location and to actually move there.  A comprehensive discussion of the pro's and con's of your possible actions (your game plan choices) is provided.  If you are relocating, I compare your current location to other places you have lived.  Finally, an overall score (F- to A+) is provided for easy comparison.

I record your consultation and email you a copy of the recorded session at no charge.  Your consultation is a two-way discussion, without any use of astrology "shop talk."  Key matters are discussed gently, clearly, deeply, and optimistically to empower you to succeed and improve your life.

Paradise Relocation Consultation Fees:

StarWise astrology services range from $60 up, based on how much consultation time you wish.  A special $180 introductory package is offered to new clients consisting of the advance preparation work and 30 minutes of telephone consultation.  Subsequent consultations (by email or phone) cost only $ 80 / 20 minutes.  The minimum order time is 25 minutes for your first live consultation; 20 minutes for subsequent live consultations; and 15 minutes for Audio Reports and Email answers.

Gretchen Sauder says:

"I wholly and completely recommend Stephen for his knowledge and professionalism.  I always wanted to move out of the Houston area, but did not know where.  Now that he has pinpointed where "paradise" is for me, I can't wait to go there.  Read More... **

Gretchen Sauder --- Paradise Relocation Consultation

Schedule your Paradise Relocation Now:

This is the right way to guarantee you find your ideal Paradise--my most successful and happy clients always choose this service.

Click here to schedule your Astrocartography Consultation

Not sure if this is right for you...

Read some of the many success stories my customers tell after using StarWise astrocartography relocation services.   Then learn how relocation astrocartography can help you by reading my fascinating, free and sample eBooks. Finally you may contact me to get your questions answered and begin the process of discovering where you will find your best opportunities to reach your goals.

* The standard preparation fee for most StarWise services includes a high-quality analysis of a maximum forecast of 1-2 years and/or relocation within one continent in detail and--if requested in writing before your preparation workup--a second continent in general. Additional forecast time and/or locations cost $3 or $4/minute for the extra preparation time.

** These are individual results which may vary from person to person.

Obviously, the benefits of your own StarWise service(s) may
NOT be exactly identical to the testimonials above—you may
enjoy more, less or similar results.

StarWise provides all clients with clear, effective recommendations
on how you can help maximize the intended benefits of your StarWise
guidance. StarWise is committed to helping you as much as possible.

We hope and expect you to do the same--to vigorously help yourself
grow, prosper and savor every moment of your precious life. The more
this happens, the more you will benefit from and appreciate our
collaborative teamwork!

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