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The Planets

The planets represent influences present at the time of your birth. The sun sign you are born under indicates several traits that tend to dominate life. While the sun sign is dominant, the position of the other planets are key to interpreting how your life is shaped in an astrological sense.

For more information about the properties of planets and rating the influences of planets for yourself, see my eBooks on Astrology.

See the motions of the earth in 3-D

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SunThe sun represents your talents and abilities. It rules health, authority, and dignity. Where the Sun is located is the heart and life of the chart.

Moon The moon represents what you need, instincts, moods, and feelings. It governs desires, needs, and growth. Where the moon is located shows where you are susceptible to emotional ups and downs.

Mercury Mercury rules reason, communicating, intellect, and dexterity. It also rules the five senses. Where Mercury is located shows where and how you communicate best.

Venus Venus represents what you want. Venus rules art, possessions, partners, harmony, and beauty. Where Venus is located in the chart shows what you enjoy most.

Mars represents action, and anger. It rules desire, sexual energy, competition, and force. Where Mars is located in the chart shows how you use your drive.

Jupiter Jupiter represents expansion and protection. It rules wealth, leisure time, the higher mind, optimism, growth, and prosperity. Where it is found in the chart can be where you have good fortune, or where you need protection.

Saturn Saturn represents restriction, and foundation. It rules form, discipline, ambition, limitations, and time. Where Saturn is located in the chart is where you tend to feel least secure and need to build a solid foundation.

Uranus Uranus represents sudden change and rebellion. It rules inventions, originality, electricity, magic, and astrology. It can be sudden, energetic, and perhaps violent. Where Uranus is located in the chart is where you tend to do the unusual.

Neptune Neptune represents fears, confusion, and clarity. It rules music, movies, dreams, glamour, illusion, spirituality, maritime matter, and addictions. Where Neptune is located in the chart is where you tend to deceive yourself, or seek the ideal.

Pluto Pluto represents transformation and power. It rules the underworld, phobias, subconscious, obsessions, beginnings and endings. Where Pluto is located in the chart is where you will encounter power struggles.

Simplified diagram of earth rotating around the sun
Simplified diagram of earth rotating around the sun

See how the gold sun, blue earth and white moon interact from a (pretend) 3-Dimensional point of view. The two key motions you experience every moment of your life are Right Ascension rotation (= day/night cycle) and Ecliptic revolution ( = year cycle). Imagine that you live on the brown-green dot rotating with the earth (For simplicity, the Earth rotates only 6 times per year, not 365 times). Now realize that all these complex motions must be considered in your charts and forecasts for accuate results to be possible! The tilt of the polar axis is left out, but you get the idea...

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