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Forecast Calendars & Guides

Personalized Forecast Calendars

These Calendars are personalized StarWise 3-D forecasts, made just for you, using your birth data and current location.   You can print and hang these Calendars on your fridge, wall or desk to remind you to take full advantage of your best days. 

Since this Calendar is unique for you only, the daily "power" ratings apply just for you.   The Guide makes it easy to understand and interpret the helpful energies on your good days.  Simply look up your transiting planets to see how to make the most of the day. 

We recommend you use your Calendar to schedule all your important events, activities, meetings, etc. on your best (e.g. "AWESOME") days. 

Sample Calendar

32 Page Guide

This insures that you have the most positive energies helping you.   Since your life will then go better, smoother and more successful, you will end up happier, prouder and more delighted.   If you already have a key event planned for an un-rated day (= low power), then you can choose to re-schedule it to a more beneficial day.

For example: If you want to have a wonderful romantic evening out --- or you want to ask your boss for a raise --- or you want to buy the perfect new outfit, look in your StarWise Good Days Calendar for the day(s) with the highest power rating for the time that fits your needs, then read the Guide to make sure the transits on the high score days indicate that your activity is favored. 

  • For great romance --- then Venus, Sun, Jupiter, Moon, Mars should be active on the date you select.
  • To ask and get a raise from the boss --- then Venus, Sun, Jupiter, Mars should be active on the date you select.
  • To find and buy a great new outfit, that fits you perfect, and at a great price --- then Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Sun, Moon should be active. 

The comprehensive Good Days Calendar shows you the best days for all purposes and is our most popular product.  However, calendars for specific activities (Romance-Love, Luck, Diet) are also available.  They are easy to use since any powerful good day is specifically helpful for your goal.

Alden Stevens says:

"Dear Reader,

I am one of those persons who holds Astrology at arm's length.  In other words, I listen with respect to those persons who subscribe to the art, but have never sought a reading for my own use. Read More...*

These Calendars are almost like having your own personal consultation with StarWise astrologer, Stephen Byers.   Try one out now and see how much it helps you improve your key activities.  Your unique calendar will be created specially for you and delivered quickly by email.

Read more about each calendar

As time permits more calendars and forecasts will be added, so check back from time to time, or sign up for the StarWise Newsletter.

* These are individual results which may vary from person to person.

Obviously, the benefits of your own StarWise service(s) may
NOT be exactly identical to the testimonials above—you may
enjoy more, less or similar results.

StarWise provides all clients with clear, effective recommendations
on how you can help maximize the intended benefits of your StarWise
guidance. StarWise is committed to helping you as much as possible.

We hope and expect you to do the same--to vigorously help yourself
grow, prosper and savor every moment of your precious life. The more
this happens, the more you will benefit from and appreciate our
collaborative teamwork!


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