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3-D Relationship Astrology Process

There are good and compelling reasons why I am uniquely able to help you find, build and enjoy happy, stable and productive relationships.  My powerful 3-D astrology techniques provide extra knowledge about you, your partner and your relationships.  This extra information and my counseling experience help you improve all your close involvements with others.

Jim & Julie Byers

First, my 3-D analysis of your individual horoscope chart reveals your wants, needs and life patterns far better than traditional astrology can.  I also utilize the same 3-D analysis to completely understand your partner or your child, boss etc.

Second, to understand how you and the other person get along, I carefully consider your combined charts (also known as composite union midpoints) and your comparison charts.  Combined and comparison charts reveal how you interact, what keeps you together or pulls you apart, and how to improve and grow as a couple or team.  The use of these relationship charts to understand the dynamics of your relationships is standard practice among modern astrologers. 

However, no one else uses my high-accuracy 3-D analysis techniques.  I look at your lives with both eyes open, not with one eye closed.  The 3-D technique reveals the otherwise hidden information needed to grow and enjoy your lives together happily and successfully.

Here is one very interesting example of these 3-D relationship charts taken from my ebook, Your Right Horoscope.  This example shows the individual and relationship charts of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, together since 1977.  Their charts help introduce you to my high-accuracy 3-D and relocated chart analysis system.  There are many other such examples in my free and sample ebooks.  You can also see some of your own 3-D charts using my free 3-D Chart Calculator.

Henry Tappen Says:

"n the Fall of 2002, Stephen advised me to get out and enjoy socializing, since my forecast indicated I could meet someone wonderful and end up getting married again.  His advice was startling and seemed highly unlikely, given the tragic death of my first wife due to cancer.  Nonetheless, I trusted him and took his advice. Read more... *

Third, beyond 3-D analysis is the use of relocated chart techniques.  Relocating your chart, from your natal birth place to your current location, provides me with more information.  Your current location is the environment that affects what you and your mate (child, business partner, etc.) are experiencing.  Your environment powerfully defines the opportunities and challenges you face together. 

By using this technique, I look at an accurate picture of your relationship in your present location, not the hypothetical relationship you two might have were you both still in your hometowns.  Consequently my advice and counsel is more precise and powerful.  You will learn what to do to get along better and to bring out the best in each other.

For more information on Relocation Astrology you may want to read my free ebook Finding Paradise.  However, the best course of action is to simply send an email request for more information.  We can quickly and easily schedule a consultation and get started on the road to improving your relationships now.

Finally, I can help you grow yourself. I know how to help heal your past emotional experiences that have created unhealthy, self-defeating habit patterns in your present relationships.  Your 3-D charts clearly show all your past experiences--your mother, father, siblings, family history and schooling.  My counseling is based on 9 years training and experience to be a Dreikurs family education counselor (see Encouraging the Best Adult Behavior.pdf and Encouraging the Best Child Behavior.pdf).

My 3-D astrology techniques are powerful tools for self-discovery, healing and personal growth.  Your 3-D charts show the events that "color" your thoughts and feelings and "steer" your behavior and actions.  I help you finally see the beneficial silver lining to your dark cloudy moments.  An experience can only inhibit you, if you do not fully understand the big picture surrounding it.

During your very first consultation, I identify the key issues concerning your self-image, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.  I help you to understand what unconsciously troubles you--limits your future happiness and prosperity.  This is invaluable information--such self-knowledge is the secret to your healthy adult life.

Barbara Warren says:

"Dear Stephen,

Of all the many astrologers I've seen, you're absolutely the best in the world, bar none.  Read more... *

Relationship Issues
Here are some of the personal, family and job issues I have helped my clients handle better:

  • Achieving happiness alone and together
  • Discovering new dimensions to life
  • Realistic career goals and action plans
  • Athletic competition and artistic creativity
  • Independence and social responsibilities
  • Spiritual peace and awareness
  • Helping others and helping yourself
  • Depression, low self-esteem and suicidal tendencies
  • Alcohol, food and drug abuse
  • Divorce, separation, child support and single parents
  • Gambling, recklessness and self-destructive behavior
  • Materialism, greed, selfishness and excessive consumption
  • Fear, anxiety, phobias, and inhibitions
  • Joblessness, lack of ambition and initiative
  • Illness, pain, old age, death and dying
  • Crime, imprisonment, injustice and victimization
  • Cultural bias, prejudice, religious/racial hatred
  • Run-away, missing and delinquent children

How happy do you want to become....
I believe that your only fated destiny is to make the most of your life.  My counsel is not some pie-in-the-sky, visionary abstraction or fatalistic predictions.  I have helped many people create wonderful, productive lives and I offer you that same help and advice.

To ask me directly how I can help you enjoy more love, romance and magic in your relationships, and prosperity in your business dealings, simply send an email request for more information.  Once you're ready to begin your own better future, we can quickly schedule a Personal Relationship Consultation.

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