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Love & Romance Forecast


The Love & Romance Calendar helps you plan ahead to enjoy special days for love and romance.   Some of my clients have used their Love & Romance Calendar to meet their true love, get engaged and married, and enjoy a wonderful "second honeymoon" made in heaven!

Now you can get your own personalized Calendar with your best days for Romance and Love based on your birth data.   I use my patented 3-D astrology software to orient your Calendar for the place you now live.   In addition to your own unique personal Calendar, you also get my comprehensive 32 page Guide explaining the meaning of each day's events (planet transit) and opportunities!

Sample Calendar

32 Page Guide


Cupid at Your Fingertips

You can print as many copies of your Love and Romance Calendar Forecast as you need.   Hang one on your wall or refrigerator at home, have one at work, keep another in your car.   Make your social plans to take full advantage of your special cupid days!

Barbara Warren said...

"I made sure I was with my boyfriend on the "AWESOME" night my Calendar showed! He asked me to marry him! Wow, what a wonderful surprise! We're planning our wedding this June. Thank you! Thank you!" *

Sample Calendar

Now you can sample the power of this forecast for only $12.95.  Your sample calendar is calculated just for you.   It includes a three month forecast and my 32 page guide.   Other astrology websites offer calendar forecasts that are less accurate, tell you fewer good days, and charge up to $70 per year.   Read on and complete the order form below for your sample Good Day for Romance Calendar now!

My No Risk Offer

I am confident you will be delighted with your Love and Romance Calendar and re-order year-long calendars forever more.   While I can't guarantee you will have as many great days for love and romance as you would like, I can guarantee the incredible accuracy of my astrology work!   If you should be dissatisfied for any reason, I will refund your full purchase price immediately!

Detailed Daily Analysis

Your Calendar includes a numerical power rating for your good days and the transits that give it that power.   You can see this information on the sample Calendar above.   Comprehensive information is provided in my 32 page guide about how best to use the "natural opportunities" indicated by the transiting planets on any good romance day.

Buy Now--Enjoy Cupid on Your Side!

Why delay?!   Order your personalized Love and Romance Future Forecast Calendar & Guide right now.   I will prepare your Calendar within 3 business days and send it directly to your email address.   I guarantee you have nothing to lose and Romantic times ahead! 

Full Year & Multi-year Forecasts

Full year and multi-year forecasts are available with special introductory pricing of only $29.95 per year. Lock in even more savings and order a three year forecast for only $79.95!   Other websites offer products with one dimensional data for up to $70 per year.   Order your Future Forecast for 3 years at only $79.99 and save as much as $130!  Order one or three year calendars now using this form

Order now with No Risk using Paypal

Please complete the form below to order your Love and Romance Sample Calendar.  I will prepare your forecast within 3 business days of receiving payment and send it directly to your email address. 

You do not need a Paypal account to make payments using your credit card.  StarWise accepts Paypal for fastest service.  You may send a money order to my address if you prefer.  Your order will be processed after payment is received.

Love and Romance Calendar ---  Only $12.95 for 3 months

Your Birth Information
Accurate birth day & time is essential to an accurate forecast.  All data is required.

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Click Submit Order to send us your order information.  

The thank you page includes a Paypal buy now button to facilitate your payment. Your order will be processed when payment is received.


StarWise does NOT sell, rent use, keep or give away any personal information you enter here (see our privacy policy).

Your Good Romance Days Future Forecast Report Calendar a numerical rating of the day and information about the events (transits) that make it a good day.   You can see this information on the Sample Calendar above.   Additional information is provided about the "nature" or "effect" of the transiting planets on your day in a separate 29 page guide.

Calendar Consultations

This calendar is almost like having your own Personal Consultation with a professional astrologer.  However, there is a wealth of information that only a Personal Consultation can provide.

If you wish more detailed information and advice about your future opportunities, the cost is only $60 for 15 minutes of personal consultation.  If you have already paid for a full preparation workup ($90), then this information and advice can deal with any issue.  Otherwise, the consultation is limited to your specific calendar and its implications, not other issues beyond that scope.


Stephen Byers

Other available calendars

As time permits more calendars and forecasts will be added, so check back from time to time, or sign up for the StarWise Newsletter.

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