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Personal Consultation Info Request

Free Pre-Consultation Discussion
StarWise Personal Astrology and Astrocartography Services

Please give me the opportunity to quickly and personally tell you:

  • How I can help you improve your life
  • The estimated cost of my help
  • The specific services I recommend
  • The time frame for helping you
StarWise Personal Astrology and Astrocartography Consultation
Call or Email Anytime
You can call my 24-hour answering service at 213-277-5885 to arrange a free pre-consultation discussion without obligation.   Please describe in detail your situation and goals and tell me the best times to return your call.   You can also complete this form below to arrange a free pre-consultation discussion without obligation.   My email address is: Help at NOTE: replace at with @ in the email address above

You must be at least 18 years of age to receive this service.

Your Name:

Best Call Time:
 examples: 9AM EST, Noon, Never etc.
Birth Date: Month Day Year
Time: Hours Minutes AM/PM
Your eMail Address:  

StarWise does NOT sell, rent use, keep or give away any personal information you enter here (see our privacy policy).


Free Pre-Consultation Discussion
During your free pre-consultation discussion I will tell you how I can help you enjoy more love in your relationships, and prosperity in your job and business dealings.   Please ask whatever questions will help you reach a positive decision.

Stephen offers special prepaid introductory packages for new clients at reduced rates. These first time packages save you 25% on the per-minute charge for consultation. The more time you order initially, the more you save!

Preparation Fee (USD):
--- $90 for one person
--- $180 for couples

Consultation for one (1) person:
--- 60 min consult = $180
--- Prep Fee = $90
--- Total = $270

Make Your Appointment Now
Once you are ready for your Personal Consultation, you can quickly and easily schedule an appointment by calling 213-277-5885.

StarWise will email you a Preparation Questionnaire to complete before your consultation.  Please pay the preparation fee in advance of your consultation by PayPal or by credit card at: "," or by check (1-2 week delay)

We will arrange a mutually convenient time for me to call you for your consultation.

Your Personal Consultation
The first part of your personal consultation is an in-depth analysis of your past history including key relationships, locations and dates in your life based on your reply to the Preparation Questionnaire.

Using this information plus your unique 3-D horoscopes, forecasts, relationship charts and astrocartography maps as needed, I will determine the best location(s) for you to achieve true love and romance. Map(s) of the recommended area(s) will be sent to you via email.

I will also recommend the best time(s) to investigate the target area(s) and to actually move there. A comprehensive discussion of the pro's and con's of "True Love" area(s) is provided, along with a comparison to your current location and other places you have lived. Finally, an overall score (F- to A+) is provided for easy comparison.

I record your consultation for future reference and send you a copy of the session by email at no charge.

Your consultation is a two-way discussion, without any use of astrology "shop talk." Key matters are discussed gently, clearly, deeply, and optimistically to empower you to succeed and improve your life.

StarWise Astrology Services
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